About Susan

1980 Susan with RakkerI have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. When I was very little, we had a dog named Rakker (Scamp), but later it was cats galore for a long, long time. When I married a man allergic to cats, I had to fulfill my pet-needs through dogs again. So we watched all the episodes of the Dog Whisperer and somehow ended up with Ruby the beagle, who moved with us to Hong Kong.

Because Ruby was owned by several others before us, I started a facebook page just for her. This way, all people from her past, of which many I do not even know, can see how she is doing. This, and the fact that I love to get updates about Ruby when I’m away, gave me the idea to start writing dog journals for people on holiday. Check Ruby’s journal for examples.

You can also hire me for human writing, editing, design and project coordination. I have a bachelor in communications and  a lot of experience working for both (animal) charities and commercial businesses. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for my complete professional resume. There you might notice my first and Dutch name: Wytske. Ah yes! My parents did not think about my international career when they named me, because ‘Wytske’ is impossible to pronounce for non-Dutch. In Hong Kong I therefore go by my second name: Susan.

Susan a.k.a. Wytske with Ruby the beagle