Conquering the tiger

One winter day, Susan and husband took me and two of my friends that stayed with us on the ferry to Discovery Bay. I was excited to find out what they were up to. It turned out we were going to hike back to Mui Wo with some human friends, but we would not take the route we normally take, this time we went over “Tiger Head“.

StepsFirst we went up a gazillion steps. I think the humans didn’t like this much, but I was not impressed. My little friend Buster was also much faster than Susan, who was holding his leash. As he had to wait for her all the time, he enjoyed munching on some grass.Tiger Once the steps were done with, we had to climb further up over rocks and sand. Sometimes the path was quite steep! Susan was very happy we did the route this way and not the other way around, because she didn’t like the thought of going down over the sandy steep paths with all the loose stones. Especially with dogs. I think that’s just silly, as we are on four legs and that’s actually much more firm and safe than these wobbly humans are on only two legs! I can run up and down steep paths, oh yeah!

Once up I managed to sneak out of my harness in a very cunning way. Because there was nothing eatable out there (I checked thoroughly), Susan and Mark let me run around like that until we got close to Mui Wo again. The path from Tiger Head back down to Mui Wo was beautiful and not too steep. Susan held big Coco’s leash now, I think Coco would have preferred to run free too, but Susan wouldn’t let her. I’m not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the fact that young Coco doesn’t seem to realize yet her name is Coco.


Off leash or not off leash: once we got home we were all very tired. Susan gave us an early dinner and then we crashed next to the heater. Nothing tops a warm bed when your legs are tired and your belly is full!


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