Ruby birdieLast week Susan took us biking. This means we, the dogs, run and Susan bikes. It’s a nice change from all the walking we do. When we bike, Susan puts a harness on me. This way my neck doesn’t get hurt when I suddenly stop or… when I decide to run like crazy and pull Susan! Yes, that happens too. Rarely nowadays, but it happens….

At one point we were passing a vegetable garden and I noticed a funny little birdie being trapped in the netting. I was very interested in this flappy bird and so were the other dogs. But greedy Susan wanted to keep the bird to herself! She held the birdie and a man I never met before came to talk to her and left in a hurry to get some ‘scissors’.

Meanwhile my dogfriends, who were all off the leash, were playing in the field next to the vegetable garden. But I was still in my harness, poor me! I don’t like waiting. So I sneakily walked backwards and managed to wiggle out of the harness without Susan noticing it. FREEDOM! I joined my friends in the field and ran around. When Susan finally saw me, she couldn’t do anything as she was still holding the bird and didn’t want it to hurt itself in the net. She called me in the sweetest voice but I didn’t care. I was done playing and a wonderful scent had caught my nose. I decided to go investigate.

I ran and ran and the smell got stronger and stronger. And then I found it: lovely bags filled with what humans call ‘garbage’. I ripped the bags to get to the treasures inside. Oh, it was wonderful! Usually I’m not allowed near trash bags, let alone rip them and eat what I find in there. But too soon Susan tracked me, booh. Humans do not have good noses, but they do have a cunning way of communicating with each other and I’m pretty sure one of the humans who saw me having a great time, ratted me out to Susan!

Well, it was fun while it lasted. And Susan had to clean up all the trash, hahaha!Ruby in trash 1

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