My not-so-happy tail

I didn’t write a journal for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been very busy. There have been many dogs around as always, you can have a look at our instagram account if you don’t want to take my word for it!

Another thing is: I’ve been having some skin-troubles. At first, I was having these weird round itchy patches on my belly. I would scratch them until they bled. Of course Susan took me to the vet, booh. This guy scraped a bit of my skin (aaargh!) and then ran all kinds of tests. It wasn’t fungus or a parasite, so the vet thought it’s an allergy. He gave Susan special dog food and some cream for the spots. The good news is: I like the food a lot! The bad news is: for at least 2 months, to test if my skin gets better, I can’t eat ANYTHING but this food! Susan got me a very pretty cone, a bit more soft than the hard plastic one we also have. When I was wearing this cone I looked like a sunflower and I couldn’t lick my tummy. After a week or so, the spots on my belly got better.


But then suddenly my tail started to itch like crazy! Nngggg, ngggggghhh. I just had to bite my tail until several patches were bold and red, the sunflower cone wasn’t stopping me, ha! So Susan took me to the vet again and again he ran tests.

At the vet with my shaggy tail...
At the vet with my shaggy tail…

Susan was scared I was having a fungal infection on my tail. Fungus is contagious and even though it’s most likely in the air everywhere, especially in hot and humid Hong Kong, it’s of course not nice for me to have a contagious tail: I am the host-dog to many guests! But again the tests showed it not to be fungus…

Now I have to stick to the special food, get my tail creamed twice a day and I get small pills to stop the itch. I also have to wear a new large “comfy cone” after my tail is creamed or if I’m by myself. And Susan showers me more often too, poor me! But my tail already looks better. The hair is growing back and I’m not so itchy anymore… Susan hopes I can go back to regular food in a while as it’s really hard for her to make sure I eat absolutely nothing but the special food. When we’re walking, I’m quick to find tasty bites, like a cracker a kid dropped, a small piece of tomato on the floor of a coffee shop or my favourite treat of all: fresh cow poo! Yummmm….


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