The scavenger hunt

Last Sunday the weather was so nice Susan and husband took us to the beach. It was early in the morning and there were not many people there yet. The lovely barbecue area, my favourite place to run off to, was deserted. So Susan decided it was safe to let me off the leash to play with my friends, who were all running around like crazy. But as soon as I got off the leash I got very much distracted by all kinds of wonderful smells. The beach is a great place to sniff around and soon enough I was on my own, exploring and having a great time.

Susan and husband know me well enough by now. I don’t think they’re happy with me taking off, but they know I will come back. When I feel like it, that is, haha! So this time I climbed over a couple of rocks, to go to the beach at the far end of the bay. There I happily roamed, found some of the weird oily thingies in the sand I always like to eat and also stumbled upon something else: a beautiful dead fish. It goes without saying I had to get some of that lovely odor all over me! After a long time I decided to go and see why Susan and husband kept calling me. They were happy to see me and quickly put the leash on me, but they didn’t seem to enthusiastic about my new smell…

After that, we left the beach and Susan leashed the other dogs too. Not that she really needs to: these silly dogs never seem to smell opportunities like I do!

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