Susan says…

Be responsible: de-sex your pets

Four of my guests: beautiful and very good Hong Kong mongrels, all adopted from one of the charities mentioned below
Four of my guests: beautiful and very good Hong Kong mongrels, all adopted from charities mentioned below

Every year thousands of  animals are euthanized because it’s impossible to find all of them homes. To control animal population, animal welfare organizations encourage spaying and neutering. Besides preventing unwanted litters, de-sexing your pet has other benefits such as: reducing the risk of several cancers, preventing urine spraying and preventing aggression and other types of unwanted behavior.

Please don’t shop: adopt

Pet shops are in it for the money. The wellbeing of the animals does not come first. Most pet shops get their puppies from horrible puppy mills and I feel they really don’t deserve your patronage! There are many, many dogs (also puppies and “pure breds”!) in shelters, you can be sure there is one that fits your family too! And if you really feel you need a “pure bred” dog from a breeder, please remember:

Boycott the bad breeder

Puppies are bred in terrible conditions in puppy factories hidden from public eye across Hong Kong. Visit the SPCA campaign site to learn about this problem and avoid doing business with bad breeders.

And: please support your local shelter

Hong Kong has many unwanted dogs (and cats). Caring for them is hard and expensive! Please support your local shelters and charities. And if you are looking for a new pooch, please consider giving one of their wonderful dogs a home:

Jacky & Blue having a rest
Two other guests, also Hong Kong rescues