Swamp dogs

Easter dogsThe Easter Holidays are over and we’ve had a full house. Easter weekend, the weather was really great: sunny and warm. Susan was not too happy about that, she was complaining the beach was too full to take us dogs there. She also thought it was just too hot already, but she is Dutch, so she always likes to complain about the weather.

Easter catching MosesOn Sunday, we met up with a bunch of other dogs and had the greatest fun. First we all ran around in a field, Susan even let me off the leash for a bit and I got very excited following around my friend Moses. For some reason Moses always makes me very playful. Quite often, I can’t resist the urge to try and catch him! Usually he plays along and runs very fast, but I catch him anyway and then I bark at him, haha! Anyway, I was following Moses around for a while and then decided the garbage bins a bit further down the path are actually even more interesting, so off I went. Susan spoiled my fun as usual and caught me just as I stuck my head in a lovely smelling garbage bag. By now, closer to the bins, Moses discovered a great puddle of muddy water and all the dogs enjoyed jumping into it, but he was the craziest. He rolled and rolled until he was completely soaked. He is like a water buffalo! I got all excited again, but I was not allowed off the leash anymore (bummer).

Easter dogs swamp



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